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Why was my request split into 2 (or more) when I only requested it once?

Due to safety reasons, the package might be split into 2 or more boxes if the weight exceeds 25-30kg. Please be reminded that it will be split based on the original package (not the item). If you would like to split it based on items (for Non-OFM packages) you can request Split Package Service after the Unboxing Service has been completed. 

Example package 1111 (20kg), package 2222 (20kg), package 3333 (12kg)

Split during Forwarding Service:
Forwarding #1 = Package 1111 (20kg)
Forwarding #2 = Package 2222 (20kg)
Forwarding #3 = Package 3333 (12kg)

Split Package Service first and then Forwarding Service:
Split package 3333 into 2 packages: 333A (6kg) & 333B (6kg) once completed, request for Forwarding Service.
Forwarding #1 = Package 1111 + 333A (26kg) 
Forwarding #2 = Package 2222 + 333B (26kg)